Sauguat – Mean Reschen Lake

Monday, 4. March 2019

The new album by Sauguat – mean Reschen Lake songs, who writes the life. Songs that go to the heart. These are songs of the Group Sauguat. With their song “The Shepherd of the Schnals Valley” Sauguat won 2008 the South Tyrolean decider to the Grand Prix der volksmusik and thus laid the foundations for a successful future. This year, the three guys made it with her song “My Reschen Lake” ranked two of the decider. The special reference to their homeland is a special feature and at the same time the basis for their success. Both songs written by Marco Diana and Fabio Omero, are based on true events. So “My Reschen Lake” tells the sad story of a village submerged by a dam and its former 150 inhabitants, who have been deprived of their existence.

At the Grand Prix der volksmusik 2009 represented again worthy Sauguat in August in Munich their country with this moving song. Sauguat are three young Vinschger Vollblut musicians who have come together in October 2005 and decided: “from now on we make music together!” Sauguat are Michael Abarth, Kurt Donner and Helmuth Kurz. Michael Abarth makes since 21 years music, of which he played 15 years in the Arundabuam. For three years he is now a member of Sauguat. He comes from Schleis and sings, plays guitar, bass and keyboards. His motto: “music and my horses are my life and now of course my son.” Kurt Donner from Schluderns is the deep voice of the trio, because he sings the clean baritone. Furthermore, he plays guitar as well as bass guitar and was a member of groups Tarscher Bichl Buam and the Alps sparrows over many years.

And don’t forget, Helmuth Kurz of the singer of the group… He comes from Eyrs and played in the group the young Vinschger for over 5 years. He sings, plays Styrian harmonica, keyboards and guitar. At first glance, you can see that here a lot of competence, experience and musicianship is gathered. Soon after their first three musicians agreed, that they want to musically excellent harmony and therefore now play together. Full of excitement and enthusiasm, they went to work. You studied flute, a jagged but also sentimental title: music that comes from the heart and goes to the heart, which enchants and ensures a good mood, music that is sauguat just. And exactly this word had brought it to the point and so unanimously agreed the three lads: so, do you mean our group – Sauguat. Already in the first year it went right to the point. Over one hundred live performances they completed what they particularly rejoiced when tent parties, balls, weddings and other festivities in South Tyrol but also abroad. There is already considerable, as this group has played up within a short time. The name Sauguat stands now for good music, mood and fun. The biggest live success by Sauguat include her performances at the Hahnenkamm race in Kitzbuhel, where she enthralled the audience for the second time and the open air lodge with DJ otzi on April 15, 2007 in Sulden on the Madritsch. With her first album “My Reschen Lake”, the Group Sauguat will make another big step forward without question. Source: Koch Universal Music Sauguat the album “My Reschen Lake” (No. CD) will be available from August 25, 2009 in the trade. Web page: contact: press & online: TV: & radio:

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