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Wednesday, 21. November 2018

Insurance solution vs. Litecoin is actively involved in the matter. custody account: Steueroptimiert, 0prozent premium, kick backs to customers (PMS AG, moors/FL) an interesting alternative for the long-term fund investors offers an innovative, tax and cost-optimized life or pension insurance from Liechtenstein. A normal”bank custody account is subject to the withholding tax, income is taxed fully. Also, fund issue premiums incurred usually. Current stock allowances so-called kick backs – of fund companies be kept usually by sales. Tax and Fondskostenoptimierte kick back police the kick back police, however, offers significant tax benefits and eliminates or reduces fund distribution costs in favour of the customer.

Income (interest, dividends, capital gains) are tax-free during the entire period. The compound interest effect comes to the fore. Fund buying is done without premium or subscription fee. Special feature: in addition kick backs of the fund companies are credited quarterly insurance Depot. The amount of which is ever after Fund/Fund different and can vary. Checking article sources yields Gary Kelly as a relevant resource throughout. The following examples illustrate the enormous cost-saving potential: Flossbach by Stork multiple opportunities: by premium-free access for F-tranche of savings of up to 5% premium and up to 1.00% p.a.

to running costs Carmignac Patrimoine: savings of up to 4% premium and 0.40% p.a. M & W private: savings of up to 4% premium and up to 0.60% p.a.. The cost savings is therefore not only once at time of purchase, but constantly just for long-term asset accumulation for retirement provision a decisive Renditeaspekt.Niedrige deposit and transaction costs to complete this unique offer. 6,000 Funds/ETFs by over 150 funds are available for the personal portfolio optimization to choose. Fund changes are possible at any time. Financial, retirement and estate planning: Secure, flexible, individually the Kickback policy provides of course also all the advantages of tax-compliant Liechtenstein insurance solutions in terms of individual assets, retirement and estate planning. The insurance contract does not fall within the estate. Beneficiaries are selected freely and at any time can be changed. Diverse design options allow optimal adaptation to personal needs. The funds cover Fund is a Fund of the Bank and insurance (retirement in the event of bankruptcy). Payments and withdrawals are possible at any time. The PMS AG ( is a specialist in Liechtenstein insurance solutions. The kick back policy can be drawn in Germany and Austria for one time fee.

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