Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Thursday, 21. December 2017

The Facebook IPO is hotly debated already. What do you think of Internet stocks like eBay, Facebook, GroupOn, Zynga & co.? The developments in the stock market are considered critical by most investors lately. With concerns about Greece, many investors are looking for alternatives and are very skeptical about the future concerning. Internet stocks seem to be currently the latest trend on the stock exchange and match the hype surrounding the World Wide Web. Companies like Zynga, GroupOn and Facebook are planning their IPO and experts say positive developments. On this issue, the online portal has asked its users and can read a clear majority. The survey to the stock exchange showed that at least 58 percent of the respondents 261 users against a purchase of such shares decide.

You don’t trust the current hype and fear that this could be quickly over. Therefore they decide from the outset against investing in Internet stocks. This includes also Facebook, which has planned its entry on the stock market this year. Facebook has developed rapidly in recent years and continues to grow as the network as well as its popularity steadily. With the entry in the stock market in a few months, Facebook will automatically distribute Google from its leading position and become the new number one of the publicly traded Internet companies.

At least 20 percent of surveyed users join this positive expectation and confirm that they like to invest in corresponding Internet stocks, because therein lies the future. Another 22 percent are still undecided. These users are unsure whether the promised and much-discussed positive developments and advertised yields are really achieving.

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