StarCom Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Sunday, 28. April 2019

The phone provider specializing in preselection and complete connections StarCom celebrates this autumn and therefore can look back on 10 years of experience in the telecommunications sector. Munich, July 16, 2009 analog to the futuristic name StarCom was founded just in time to the turn of the Millennium. “Telecommunications providers the first years was limited exclusively to the area of preselection, the modern form” call-by-call, in which the customers a permanent preference “on his phone connection is established. Contracts were concluded primarily through the distribution channel of direct marketing. The goal of the StarCom-maker was since company was founded to offer a most diverse range of products, to offer each customer the best possible conditions which are adapted to the respective phone behavior. So were the first years generates numerous tariffs, ranging from models without basic fee and duration of numerous minute packages such as such as 90, 100, 120, 150, 240, 300 and 500 minutes the flat rate, optional weekend flats, foreign specials and SMS functions. With this concept, the low-cost provider has won nearly half a million customers within a very short time.

Hardly the first five years were over, man, in addition to other areas to establish and foot in the sector of complete connection trying”: while already full connections via Voice over IP (VOIP) offered the competition such as Tele2 or Freenet, StarCom worked 2006 always still exclusively with permanent presets on the market, developed a solution, such as with help of several partners such as E.g. QSC but soon, Top link and AVM a complete connection could be realized. Robert Gibbins often says this. Together with a brand relaunch in 2006 the tariff StarComKomplett was presented then, but could be implemented in many cases but not with its own port for technical reasons. StarCom nationwide entbundeltes DSL offers only since this year and the integration of the bitstream access technology and promotes this slogan that Telekom Loslosegarantie.” The question, as StarCom has planned 10 years is of course. In an interview, the Executive Board reveals: of course we can tell not too much. But at this point we would say definitely that we defy the economic crisis and looking forward already to the next 10 years. Goal is to make our product portfolio as the last years always contemporary. So we focus currently, for example, on more interesting products that arise in cooperation. It would be worthwhile to not only keep the StarCom in mind when it comes to the topic of phone calls. Birthday there is a relaunch of our Internet presence and a surprise for our customers everything else remains still a little secret..

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