Stock Exchange And Shares

Tuesday, 1. July 2014

Stock tips to protect against losses on the stock exchange is always good and bad days, but it runs for some time tend to back north i.e. it increases. Mancheiner, who has been hesitant in the past few years, wondering whether he should not also finally take the step and set a part of his money in shares/equity funds. But how can a private investor in securities investing and risk doing too much? Here are some tips: Invest only in shares/equity fund money, that you do not need more time. Then you can go through the valleys of the stock market also left. Because only when you vekauft in the deep, the losses are real, before they are just a number on paper, that may change again – this is true but only for stocks that have a realistic potential actually turn up. Not speculate on credit – even if it is covered by the securities in the custody account.

Many do that, once the optimism in the stock market grows. But price declines are suddenly the securities in the custody account worth less and credit so that no longer covered under certain circumstances. The Bank then asks her money, because she must limit their own risk (even if the international banking was not always the impression in recent years). If you can teach any money otherwise, the Bank sold a portion of your shares at the current prices (in a correction phase) often at unreasonably low prices. The losses are usually very tart and in this way a lot of money is destroyed – quickly your money, not the Bank. Especially if the stock market knows only still the direction upwards, many people borrow, to being. This is very risky, because when changing the trend on the stock exchange and prices into a tailspin, the forced sales accelerate the free fall down.

“The stock market calmed down again, if shaken off the credit gamers” are. Keep in mind how hard you have worked for your money and do not put it in a lottery on any stock tips – not by acquaintances, even on tips from the Internet. At least not before have you yourself carefully researched and the securities found according to your criteria (personal investment strategy) for good. The stock indices have developed long-term positive, but if you have success with shares, depends on the right mix (diversification), the investment strategy and also from the time of purchase and sales of individual shares. You can provide through staggered both purchases and sales–which reduces the risk, at the wrong time on / quit to be – but because you buy at the risk whatever the chance, just chance diminishes (the potential gains are slightly smaller but more likely).

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