Sun Training

Saturday, 9. March 2019

Who want to build muscles, should split first into several phases this goal who want to build muscles, should first of all share this goal in several phases. In the first phase, the muscle group that was trained by the muscle training recovering. So the body can prepare for the next training session at the muscle training and so also Muskelwachtum can take place. Exactly why it makes little sense that a part of the body more than once a week training. But of course, even when training for muscle building, there is no standard: there are certain muscle groups, such as, for example, calves, which is simply faster and better to recover after a workout, and you can train more often. Also play the old around the investment an important role. A good basis is therefore maintain good muscle training once a week.

Most put the muscle building phase so that you train in the winter. This that it takes more calories to it can also happen that you but in addition to the pure muscle mass amount of grease builds. In winter, you can hide this easily. When spring comes the Sun out, you just surround his muscle training. The goal is fat loss instead of pure muscle training only once. So has his dream Beach figure then in the summer. In any case, it is important to give an objective the training: this can be either muscle growth or fat loss. It brings not much at the same time maintain fat loss and muscle building.

When running muscle, the body requires more energy than it consumes, because this energy is needed for muscle building. At the fat loss something is eaten, less energy in the form of calories – so you abnemen can. This stimulates the metabolism, that he can relate to the lack of energy from body fat. There, the fat is then burned. The rest must come too short in any case. Muscles do not grow during training runs, but much more during rain ration. To make more sets and reps at practice or the lifting more weight, the training is more intense. Is then needed the body, this load again to – just so and not otherwise can regenerate the muscles and also grow taller the intensity of the muscle training of course more time. And that is the sense in muscle building training, because the human muscle fibers need time, that you can customize with more training on the next load. Is a muscle too often and too much strained, or giving him enough time to recover from the training then it can happen, that he will be charged over. You train a muscle to inensiv and charged him briefly on it again, it gives him no chance only to be able to grow – so do so then also no progress during the training.

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