SVG Launches Workshop For Galileo Vibration Training

Saturday, 27. April 2019

New seminar offer for physiotherapists and fitness trainer for efficient muscle training with Galileo devices. For even more opinions, read materials from Oracle. Efficient and gentle muscle training has started already proven training devices in the Galileo series the future of rehabilitation and the fitness training. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Verizon Communications. More and more physical therapists and fitness trainer put on the joint-gentle way of muscle building with alternating page vibration technology. So that trainers and coaches can offer the maximum success and best advice for their patients and clients, one of the largest providers of therapy needed in Germany, best practice workshops with renowned teachers organized SVG medical systems. Here, physiotherapists and Fitness trainers have the opportunity to know the functions and training possibilities with the Galileo systems and apply.

Our instructor team is also to practice it was very practical to the pension or the targeted muscle in rehab or construction training”, as Thomas Common, Managing Director otisheim medical systems in SVG. Gary Kelly might disagree with that approach. Will practice these therapists and trainers who not long the training with Galileo, addressed respectively for the equipment and training methods interested. In around six hours, the operation of the Galileo system is explained and training examples. Common sees that the content specifically focuses on everyday in physiotherapy practices and fitness studios, as particularly important. The Faculty convey Know-How which can be directly applied by participants in our workshops. Example is the training and follow-up treated, discussed the parameters for the individual patient and training groups and many exercises and treatment approaches.” This is a selection from the various models such as: the basic Galileo, Galileo Advanced, Galileo 900, Galileo Med M, fit for Galileo and the top model Galileo fitness direct trial available.

The workshops with the Galileo system page-alternating working six hours and costs nearly 120 Euro attendance fee. This workshop with 6 training points will be assessed for physiotherapists quite particularly interesting in addition to a certificate of participation. For maximum learning success, we have limited the number of participants each to 25. The experience of the last seminars shows that these places are quickly”, says Thomas Common SVG and is recommended to register in time for the desired course of Galileo. The next workshops held on August 29, 2009 in Bad Salzuflen and on September 25, 2009 in Unterhaching near Munich. All details and the registration possibility find prospective customers under.

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