Sunday, 28. April 2019

Worst of all dust carries a guide roller carriage, and it leads to excessive pollution of combustion engine, carries a carriage drive. The symptoms of contamination of the shaft jet printer is an unpleasant and unusual rattle and crackle when you print. In such a situation printer instantly displays an error message, but print quality is close to unbelievable minimum, when what is printed on a sheet, one can hardly apart. This phenomenon can be observed just in case of contamination of guide shaft carriage dust that gets to him through the openings in the cabinet. The guide shaft is very attractive dust, as he smeared special oil helps it work. As a result, dust particles hit the wall and dissolves in the lubrication solution, forming a viscous substance, which prevents easy movement of the carriage along the shaft. The carriage begins forced to perform braking operation.

This issue, not found in time, in most cases causes damage the printer. Lubrication of the shaft printer at home Lubricate the guide shaft printer itself – is not that big a feat. This procedure does not require any supernatural skills. So take a chance to try it yourself is worth. Especially if the hands at the same time accessible and will detailed instructions.

Thus, the procedure for lubrication of the shaft goes through several stages: 1) Remove the casing and extract the guide shaft. Make sure that it is not out of order. To do so, his fingers trying to move the bearing in direction perpendicular to the main axis of the shaft. If you play in this connection is detected, the urgent need to carry the printer in for service. If not – continue the process started. 2) Clean up the shaft of dust from the use of any alcohol (You can just vodka). This should be done very carefully in order to completely clean the entire surface of the shaft was. 3) We are looking for the necessary oil for lubrication. Ideal for a special solution, which is not cheap, but created directly for this purpose. If you want to save, you can use mineral oil or silicone grease. These options have all the necessary lubricating properties: they are resistant to high temperatures well react to temperature changes are small figures of viscosity. 4) Apply the lubricant solution onto the surface of the shaft with a swab, made of lint-free material. Cotton used for this purpose is strictly prohibited, as its particles are, of course, will remain on the tree, and it will bring him nothing but harm. 5) Rub lubricant solution to the shaft so that the volume of oil placed on the shaft was not too big, but not proved insufficient. 6) Putting the printer, after placing the shaft in place. After a successful procedure, lubrication of the shaft, you can add to the list of his abilities. All-Ukrainian Polygraphic portal

Sensitive Files

Friday, 2. November 2018

Maybe someone from your case, such a situation that has been lost vital information from your computer or laptop. In this case, you can contact a special service that will restore to you all lost information slyubogo vehicle or must use special software to recover. I must say that all the lost files remain on your hard drive, but only until the top of them will not be recorded other information. Bernard Golden has much experience in this field. Therefore, this situation must be clearly aware of and correct as soon as possible, yet the situation is not exacerbated by all, and no files are lost at all. Recover lost files directly depends on the size of the files themselves and number of recorded new files after the lost. The most difficult thing to work on the lost files from a flash-drives and cd drives. Required to conduct a very thorough work and be on time to forget about their daily work, example of such as the Stock Exchange of unique content.

Specialists to recover lost files use the most modern technologies, which include features prgrammnogo and hardware. Self recovery files depends on what files were on your hard drive or any other media, fragmented or unfragmented. The thing that unfragmented files can recover completely without loss, and files fragmented form only partially. But, unfortunately, no fragmentation of hard drive we can not do, because you must always maintain the health carrier and its speed of finding files, as well as their reading. Format the hard disk, you can program Auslogics Disk Defrag. If the formatting of the media has been made, but after this new information on the hard drive has been received, then the probability of successful recovery high. Be careful and make backup files.

Disc Burning Program

Wednesday, 23. May 2018

Comparison of scenario writing programs diskovTestovy purpose of this article – to find the most functional, easy to use, stable and free software to burn CDs, which is compatible with the operating running Microsoft Windows 7. Choosing the best program for recording CDs will be the following scenario: market research programs for writing and testing programs DVD.Ustanovka on functionality and ease of ispolzovaniya.Sravnenie programs and choice optimalnoy.Issledovanie market at this time in the software market are many programs for CD and DVD. Some programs are free, some – require the purchase of license. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Bernard Golden . In this article I will address the most popular and well known software burning diskov.Nero Lite Link: This version of Nero is a simple program to record and copy CD and DVD. Nero Lite – the program is only for strictly personal non-commercial use. Since the program paid for the business, it will not be tested in this stati.Burn Aware Free Reference: BurnAware Free – is a free program for recording CD, DVD and Blue Ray discs.

It is ideal for home users to burn data discs, music, videos and photos. BurnAware Free – this program is just strictly for personal, noncommercial use. Since the program paid for the business, it will not be tested in this article. Link to soderzhaniyuExpress Burn: Express Burn – a free program to burn data and music to CD, DVD and Blue Ray discs. The program allows you to quickly and easily create and burn data and music on optical media.


Tuesday, 8. July 2014

Hello Reader! If you're reading this means you're tired of hours to look for crack or keygen for the new prog, or even wait until it comes out. In this (hopefully) series, I try to describe how 'research Protection programs, 'and help you not to wait for the mercy crackers, and by breaking the program. In the first article I will describe the theory and some of the terms, and then begin to practice the following articles. So get started! (A few paragraphs about AFM) Assembler – (People AFM) low-level programming language (which means that it most closely approximates to machine code that is only one operator (the team) Asma correspond to machine code). Because of this program on ACME obtained as Fast and small. Very often written in assembler critical (which in other languages is very slow run) area code, as well as the driver. For example in C + + language (high level) there is support for assembler inserts (Ie to the basic code in C + +, you can even paste the code in the ASME). Perhaps you ask, why do we do this AFM? We are pleased to answer them.

The fact that any compiled program (. Exe) can be represented in assembly language. That is it you see in analyzing the program, rather than the language in which it was written (of course, there are now programs that recognize the code, on which was written application, but mostly they are ineffective). Thus, start actually to Asma.

Beloglazov Game

Monday, 23. June 2014

George Beloglazov his Anthesteria performed a small miracle, some songs in the game you want to listen to for hours, repeatedly plunging into an unforgettable atmosphere, as if by magic fancy wreath grows out of sound. Sublustrum contains elements of several styles, from basic perhaps can be identified, steam-punk, with its constant steam boilers, gears and levers, and industralnaya aesthetics, in terms of approach to the different mechanisms with highly artistic side. The very same concept is based on stylistic decadent during the early twentieth century, all the psychedelic images born, as usual, not without the intervention of "special preparation" should refer of course there. Not for nothing is an action game takes place just in 1916, during the heyday of cultural decadence in Russia. Of course, if you withdraw from the lyrics and go to work, then Sublustrum-it is still a quest, and quests, as you know, a role played by all sorts of puzzles. And even here Phantomery What is udivit.Igra filled by different mechanisms, experiments with time, space is even puzzles with sounds, that in itself is interesting. The first task in the game is starting to move into the capsule, "a shimmering world", for example for the need to properly set up several facilities located in the apartment, based on entries from the diaries are scattered there. Another mechanism may be noted that changes the spatial position of the room – rather it makes the walls, floor.

To him "to have" we have to get a funny thing- "The key of time" and use it to return to the past, where we eliminate the cause of failure mehanizma.Podskazki, for the most part are quite transparent and that is not unimportant, seamlessly woven into the overall concept and style of play. Too complex puzzles in Sublustrum you probably will not find, because the game relying more on the story and set the atmosphere, which tend to evaporate if two days to mark one point, thinking "how would I start a this here machine. " The only time that caused me trouble is, perhaps, the Aeolian Harp setting, but then …. But in other matters that I'm telling you, you just have to do is to see and understand, every man for himself … After all a matter of tuning to internal frequency, and Phantomery knew this, of course, knew … …. Source: Quest