Tanja Siemens Has Your Summer Hit!

Sunday, 7. December 2014

Mona Phon of records produced the hit liner in 2011 that is waiting for an end! The Nice, attractive singer Tanja Siemens from Spenge has again released a hit single. Chris Fabian and Mona Phon of records producer team has tailored for Tanja to measure a song. “If a star from the sky falls” is the new popular song. Tanya’s voice sounds loose, easy, cheerful and always ensures a good mood. Dance leg itches at the first bar of this great pop production.

Many know the blonde Championhips by Schlager tour Radio Bremen with Lutz Ackermann. At the time, Tanja Siemens had a recording contract with “Arminia music”. It is to be not easy singer and mother of two children,”says the artist with Frisian roots. Many producers would have no thank you”to my projects again to make music said. I’m glad that there are producers and record companies have a plan.

And that Tanja brings victims, too. The North can look forward! The artist moved professionally East Frisia in the direction of empty and your Residing in Spenge abandon. The mother of two, knows the business and knows what it means to stand on the stage. There is nothing more beautiful than to excite the fans with music and themes from real life for Tanja. The hit single “when a star from the sky falls” is now available on all renowned download portals such as “Amazon and Musicload available. Who wants to see Tanja Siemens live must wait a little longer. The preparations for the homepage and TV and live dates are also in negotiations. Who would like to support Tanja Siemens can call radio stations and who want the song or download the song. The song is offered usually for about 90 cents. There is no success without Schlager friends and fans. There, a song can be so good. We also like to take criticism or be available for autographs. A fan club is in preparation and will be entered in the new home page of Tanja Siemens. Chris Fabian

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