Tarot Shadow

Tuesday, 17. April 2012

While in the process of studying the impact of Tarot Shadow, we have decided to share his observations. Investigating the value and effects of characters Kunta yoga, we gradually moved on to sigil, which itself introduced us to the Liber Arcanorum Aleister Crowley. As far as we know, these characters are of Sumerian origin, represent the forces that lie beyond this reality, belonging to the shady side of the world. There are several decks of Tarot Shadow. One of them was created by Linda Falorio about it and will be discussed further, since we are interested not predictive questions, and the penetration depth of the subconscious, and that helps make working with taro Falorio. So, in the center of each card shows a shadow of taro sigil of Liber Arcanorum.

We decided to test the impact of these characters and tried to deduce the possibility of practical use of this information. In this article I will describe the influence of several cards, namely: 11 Amprodias 13 Gargofias 17 Zamradiel Tarot Shadow is designed to skrying, so we have been contemplating these cards. Contemplation, in our view the easiest and most natural way of entering into a lucid dream. It is therefore not surprising that contemplating the symbols on the maps, we began to fall through the dreams of a strange area, which were not even aware of all the practice time. Linda Falorio described the sound of each name. Amprodias sounds by itself, as we have seen. Once in the dream, in areas relevant to this substance, you hear its sound.

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