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Wednesday, 9. April 2014

To the area where you can really make money, include: 1) the sale of digital information products in this area is sure to bring the most money if you first understand how simple this business concept. Here it comes, that on the Internet every day millions of People are looking for specific solutions to specific problems. These people pay between 1% up to 50% for such a solution for these problems. And that’s a fact! The core is to find out, anyone looking for these products, which portion of the most profitable and which is the best solution, you can offer the seeker here. The merit of this is enormous, because it has the highest margins; because you have to pay yes no costs for expensive goods and warehouse and shipping. There are various kinds of information products, include: sales of E-books here are offered as E-book and posted the solutions in writing.

This form is certainly one of the fastest and easiest the most common, and if you know the system. The margins are very high, since a copy, therefore the sale, does not cost anything. The sale of training & multimedia one can offer here couching – and training sessions with the help of video and audio that is gaining in popularity, to solve specific problems faced by the people. The margins are also very high because you can deploy once created material to as many people as you want only. Successful coaches require 5000 USD and more, of course against a corresponding learning material per course.

(2) the sales of software solutions here you can offer specific software solutions. It can be database-driven solutions that run on a server and are accessible via a Web address. It can be but also software applications that run with someone on the computer to run specific processes. However, a special knowledge in this area is necessary, because it involves very complex topics and small mistake can have disastrous consequences.

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