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Monday, 11. November 2013

The teacher must not become a machine, as she is happening now. Teacher: you can also advise children that study properly and with application, that subject is responsible for dealing with the grammar, semantics, spelling, Linguistics etc. That is the scholar of the language and the language. Since indirectly through the previous lesson, the importance of properly mention the subject and the predicate was teaching and as the ratio of these two make leave many things. With this kind of attitudes among teachers can help one another, in the beautiful work of teaching. The teacher must allow children to form a concept which appears to them to the word body.

That they form sentences and do minor research in the company of their parents to close to the mathematical body Word. Therefore is you must teach the child to be creator and not only consumers of knowledge, since we speak of rational beings. Jose ORLANDO MELO NARANJO trainer in theory 5 mathematics basic mathematical body: body (mathematics), set of elements with which you can perform operations that satisfy certain properties. The set of fractions formed with integers, together with the addition and multiplication operations, form a body called body of rational numbers. Many of the characteristic properties of rational numbers are true also for other bodies, even if the elements and operations for these other bodies are completely different. Natural phenomena: natural phenomena are manifestations of the transformation that happens to matter.

I think it is a good definition, short and precise. The master: the teacher may develop addition and subtraction. And make the children observe as the addition or subtraction of a number affects the result. Therefore the same numbers can be a plus and a minus. And they observe that a when they are the same numbers, the transformation is evident. Example: 56 56 + 43-43 99 13 Teacher: the teacher will make the children to do addition and subtraction with the same numbers and then analyze the results and express that they think of what happens with the result.

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