Wagener Process

Friday, 12. December 2014

Mesh with WASI product expertise, optimal procurement management and quality assurance of WUPPERTAL, October 18, 2011 WASI intensified cooperation for quality assurance and process optimization in Asia to examine the procurement of stainless steel fasteners from the outset and optimize. By we can the producers prior site audit, we the entire procurement process seamlessly document from manufacturing to delivery of the goods”, says Dirk keels Dunsche, Managing Director of Wagener & Simon WASI GmbH & co. KG. Especially in the procurement of special fasteners to save time and money our customers, because our experts have reviewed opportunities and production standards of numerous manufacturers in the process itself. On this basis we recommend our customers the producers with the best qualification for their product requirements always.” WASI has the entire procurement process integrated into a quality management system with standardized processes, due to the certification According to the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001 is recognised throughout the world. As a global system partner for stainless steel connections bundles the Wuppertal company know-how from more than 300 manufacturers and offers therefore customers a unique performance and product portfolio with regard to availability, price and technical solutions. We follow the requirements of our customers with our quality strategy and a focus on product, process, consulting and service accurately.

The necessary means of auditing, certification and of the continuous improvement process in the implementation of this strategy to play the central role. “, explains Carsten Balzar, head of technology at WASI. Assured availability at a good price for 50 years is WASI for innovation, customer satisfaction and product quality. This ensures an in-house chemical metallurgical testing laboratory using optical, chemical and physical tests. To the various test equipment including a State of the art X-ray fluorescence machine. A high degree of WASI provides collateral for product prices and availability of goods. Our worldwide network of suppliers, large quantities and our many years of experience at weltmarkt – and Exchange-based material purchasing minimize risks for the customers by WASI and always guarantee optimum availability”, keels Dunsche brings together. Bildunterschrift1: WASI follows the quality strategy with a focus on product, process, consulting and service exactly the requirements of customers about WASI: Wagener & Simon WASI GmbH & co.

KG is a global partner of the system when it comes to stainless steel connections. WASI is with the wide and deep range of a world market leader in the trade with stainless steel fasteners. 6,000 customers in 60 countries supplied with fasteners from the stainless steels A1 through A5 in all strength classes, various special materials, as well as with aluminium profiles. The 1961 founded company since 1978 to the Wurth Group and employs over 230 people at two locations in Wuppertal. WASI facilitates the complete supply chain management and supports the procurement process by connections with technical expertise and customer-specific delivery requirements. The product divisions are divided into WASI WASI standard solar, WASI spezial and WASI Maritim.

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