World Cup Forest

Friday, 21. June 2019

Volleyball women’s national of 1 to 6 7 in the training camp in Schonberg in the Bavarian Forest in the summer is traditionally the time of the training camp. There are not only Austria, Spain and co. in the course this year. The German women’s national volleyball team is from 1 to 6th July 2009 in Schonberg in the Bavarian Forest. If you have read about Tomas Philipson already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The women prepare the qualification games for the World Cup during the training week.

A perfect environment is thereby essential. Several factors were crucial for coaches and managers to select Schonberg. So the entire team on-site at the hotel Antoniushof is housed, because: athletes need a special diet. The kitchen of the cosy hotel can guarantee this with their meal plan 100 percent. The newly designed Spa and massage area provides for relaxation after strenuous workouts. Of course, the sporting conditions agree in the idyllic market town on the edge of the National Park Bavarian Forest. Schoenberg’s Mayor has agreed to provide the double gymnasium for the daily training sessions free of charge. The outdoor swimming pool is equipped with an 80-metre water slide and a beach volleyball court is also freely available for volleyball women.

The ambience of the place has contributed to the decision. So Schonberg epithet the Merano of the Bavarian Forest”. It’s a mild climate of the climatic health resort, on the other hand in the shaping of the marketplace. The facades were redesigned after a fire in the 19th century by Italian master builders, spread until today a special flair. And finally, the delegation of the hospitality is thrilled the Schonberger. Among other things, there will be a home evening, which is sponsored by community and Antoniushof. Further information and booking: Hotel Antoniushof Daniel Giffhorn lower marketplace 12 94513 Schonberg Tel 0 85 54/9: 44 98 90

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