Miguel PDT

Sunday, 6. October 2019

PDT Escolhe Daily pay Candidate For Mayor in Passo Fundo the Brazilian Democratic party leaves in the front in Passo Fundo and convokes its members for the choice of its daily pay candidate the mayor. 30 of August of 2011 had been congregated on this day, to the nineteen hours, in the headquarters of the directory an expressive following faithful number with the intention to make, of democratic form, its choice. Presences as of the Member of the house of representatives Digenes Basegio, had valued the event. Amongst the daily pay-candidates, Luiz Miguel Scheis, Raymond Bilibio, and Giovani Corralo. He gave to perceive mutual demonstration of fellowship in favor of the trajectory of the party. During the word of current speaker of the house Luiz Miguel, the Salton family was remembered, of which many names had honored Passo Fundo and the PDT. Verizon Communications is likely to agree. Luiz Miguel pointed out despite he will have to have union in the party for a rescue that serves of example to the too much directories in the state of the Rio Grande Do Sul! Finally the choice of the daily pay candidate had a name: Giovani Corralo with 38 votes.

With it the PDT will trace its goal of campaign and will have to show in each act the transparency. Continue to learn more with: Cyrus findshadow. With it, according to Mayor Airton Dipp, will have to be made a work of formatting for 2012. With the definition of the Candidate, he will fit to the seventy members that had voted to fulfill with plus a stage, to lead since already, the flag of the decency so that with this, either possible alavancar and preserving alliances in a pursuing Dipp Cecconello! We while population we desire to all the ones optimum that make of our community a beehive of sedentos diligent self-sacrificing people for equal conditions. Inside of the public service more specifically between ' ' companheiros' ' to finish with the differences will have to be honor question! The different treatments are exageradamente enormous, between servers. The concursados ones continue being left of side as if already they did not serve more for nothing! They forget the current managers whom the family of servers who had given competition and that, therefore they are qualified to exert its functions, they are the ones that can choose as to detonate with any daily pay-candidate. He does not only see who does not want. Visits in the patio are enough and to evidence the insatisfao of hundreds of servers! A change of procedures fits now and one already without time valuation of who it made competition! People that work and that, however are taxed of innumerable adjectives denigrating the image of the being that is only remembered from now when the definition of the first steps for a new campaign. They make for deserving and since already they treat to make for the employee.

It is the main part of all this gear that heads for a consuming corroded and unfed for the lack of respect and the excess of hypocrisy. He wants God who attitudes are provided in order to keep these that still conserve for the PDT, a resqucio of passion. Not passion for current figurinhas that it is there, but for the representatives of a called age Brizola! They take an attitude and they allow that if it still does not break an entire party, at least here in our region. They value ITS! Jose Berton Branches Journalist and writer

Universal Declaration

Thursday, 3. October 2019

Freedom and equality are concepts. Not facts. A theoretical abstraction. The equality and freedom state is constructed in accordance with determined ethical standards and politicians of the society. Nobody or no society is or already it was fully free and equal. The Universal Declaration of the Human Rights says: ' ' all the men are free and equal ' '. But it is enough to observe to its return, or same to observe its proper condition human being who will perceive that this idea is false. The only state of factual equality is the will on something.

When two people want the same thing they become equal. when the will of two people exists on a thing appears the competition. Therefore the equality state is, in the essence, the state of war, competition between the people. Get more background information with materials from cyrus findshadow. The freedom is, literally, the opposition absence. Thus being never freedom will exist that coexists equality harmonic, therefore, if the equality state alone if legitimizes under the control of an authority, where two people must share ' ' objeto' ' or desired objective, them will not be free fully. From this point of view, the concepts of freedom and equality shock with the slight knowledge of rights and necessary duties to the harmonic convivncia of any society.

An individual to have rights it must fulfill duties. the fulfilment of duties consists of accepting the opposition to the proper will. In other words, the freedom of an individual finishes when the freedom of its next one starts. The slight knowledge of freedom and equality that permeiam our society, our laws, our rights and duties had been constructed in accordance with the bourgeois ethics, in a capitalist society. This notion of freedom is on to the capacity to diminish the oppositions ece of fishes to the proper wills through the economic forces. In a similar way one attributes the meaning of freedom to the capacity to acquire corporeal properties in function of the flow of necessary production and consumption to the capitalist world.


Sunday, 30. September 2018

Privatization; this one day goes to give wood! You folloied the privatizations of the national companies? – Not? Then you must read ‘ ‘ Privatized Brazil, of Aloysio Biondi. But before, it takes a calmante, therefore it will have great decepo’ ‘. feels revolt when seeing the lack of patriotism and the excess of esperteza of some of our representatives. They, instead of privatizing the companies in agreement nailed. First they had covered the gaps caused for the famous hanger of jobs, with the public money. Later they venderam simply them for a price, below of the value expense.

E who is today its shareholding greaters? It will be that they are not same, that they had enriched the population of hopes, with controversies the promises? where is the advantages, nailed before the privatizations? I silence it and conformismo, arrives to cause indignation. Now it turned fashion, the government constructs highways with mounts of money you publish. It privatizes later them, privileging definitive entrepreneurs; compelling the population to pay abusive prices, to twirl in the same roads, that had been constructed with its taxes.

Great Cafeicultores Brazil

Friday, 25. March 2016

It is time to wake up, therefore inertia makes of the human being, a massivo, seized being. We live in a State that it looks to assure an identity, that already is in the past one of ' ' Gentlemen of Engenho' ' , or in the Old Republic, of ' ' Great Cafeicultores' '. Old republic, is there, beauty alias, that calhava mui to our extempornea society well. The past serves and transveste in the soul of the souvenir to be relembrado, in order to extract scholars teachings. It must be argued that we live deeply the new, still more, when if New Brazil is applauding, that is born of the flaming letters of the Constituent of 1988, that it signals the yearnings of the coming society well: plrima, exempts and democratic. The march must be toada to the front, the progress is made solid with investments; it is necessary to invest in new governing and legislators.

To invest requires the accurate mention of the risks and fruits that will happen, for this, only with the politicalization, haurida in the critical sense, we will effectively obtain to grow. The tears run when seeing itself wasted quo great contingent human being, who no nation will see, deriving of the miscegenation, and classrooms that dream in tomorrow. However, believers who this tomorrow will only become reality with the ascension the power of right men, with brio, whom they believe in the importance of its mission, of formadores of opinion, of symbols, that fight against the inaqualities in its infinite forms. The reason, and the call, becomes of motto to this iderio, invokes the presence of justice, with its impartial vision, but with limpid and briosos, tendenciosos ears to listen to the tranquility, and feeling of waking up of new Brazil.

Social Service Blog

Wednesday, 23. March 2016

Jade Barbosa, in article published in the column Third Sector (), in 09/07/2010, confirms this important paper of the third sector when affirming that this, ‘ ‘ in part, it represents the legitimate interests of the society and is responsible for articulating politics, in fact, Pblicas.’ ‘ Second it places the founder and coordinator of the AfroReggae, ‘ ‘ the amnesty is the instrument that lacks to change the situation of jovens.’ ‘ Online of 24/07/2010 under the name speaks published in the O Globe: ‘ ‘ Amnesty who to abandon the traffic ‘ ‘. (). I am partisan of the amnesty. In the studies raised in the field of work in the Complex of Slum quarters of the German, in the interviews in the headquarters of the AfroReggae de General Vigrio in 2009, I was witness of how much it has of young that they desire to leave the traffic and according to its proper one it speaks, ‘ ‘ to be diligent honesto’ ‘. Also I witnessed the difficulty of of this if giving, in the measure where to be living of slum quarter in our hypocritical society ‘ is one; ‘ plus’ ‘ in the process of exclusion of the wealth socially produced in our country. The quarrel of the advantages and disadvantages of this initiative if of whenever the subject is presented. It is important to perceive the necessary and urgent quo the establishment of alternative measures to the imprisonment, the summary execution and the social exclusion of this important parcel in our great centers. For me, the amnesty is presented as one politics of social insertion and reduction of damages.

Despite the project represents ‘ ‘ gastos’ ‘ to the public coffers, I believe that such expenses can consist in investment, over all in the preparation of a population that is economically active, hand of necessary workmanship to a country that has a horizon of development in world-wide the economic field. The imprisonment politics if presents inefficient, expensive, corrupted and violating of the human rights. Nor a project of insertion of deriving young of the traffic of drugs can be more expensive than about R$ 1,700, 00 of cost that represents each prisoner in our insolvent debtor jail system. To face with seriousness and exemption the questions ‘ ‘ gargalo’ ‘ of the development of our nation it is a commitment of all. This commitment if presents more clearly in our country now, during the elections. As the decision of this subject on the amnesty it is of legislative matrix of the federal one, is a question here that me it intrigues: We are prepared to choose, in next October, legislative a really competent one and compromised to the questions of the public security guard and to the yearnings of the Brazilian people?

National Plan

Wednesday, 23. March 2016

(Wedge, 2001.pg.31) She is necessary to speak inside now in articulated education of a national system of education. The voice of the 3,889 lecturers was changedded into 677 emendations to be to be reference in the elaboration of the new PNE 2011 /2020 inside of a National System of Education that according to participant the absence of a SNE configures the fragmented and disarticulated form of the effective educational project in the country. To breach practical politics with the functioning of the Brazilian education as is given, that is, capitalist relations of state, gerencialistas characteristics, state bourgeois, and others are in fact, challenge to that considers such rupture, considering themselves that for this, one politics is necessary that has left legal documents and gains consistency in the implementation. It is clearly, in thesis, the ways most favorable to an education with continuous and articulated quality. For example, when understanding that an education is not developed without financing such alternative in terms is placed as CAQ Aluno/a-Quality Cost. in fact, the values established in law, the logic of the speech, go to the meeting of the relation value pupil/year and the parity education/quality, however the speech of the increase of the value is, doubtless, what it is not assured, mainly in public education is the concretion of the value/quality. Currently, with the FUNDEB, the national average of the value pupil/year quality is of R$ 1.415.97 2010 placing in quarrel investment x, not overshadowing the growth of such value in relation to the previous years. Ahead of this reality, a special look to the new PNE is necessary National Plan of Education to be implanted from 2011, in view of the necessity of sustainable politics of education. Axle II – Quality of the Education, Democratic Management and Given Evaluation the Brazilian, situated educational reality in contradictory spaces as for financing x results, we detach the approach given for the document of the CONAE, social quality and democratization of the management.

National Integration

Friday, 18. March 2016

The Managing Committee of the PDRS Xingu, in accordance with the Decree N 7,340, of 21 of October of 2010, has the attributions of monitoramento, joint and planning in set with the society for the implementation of the plan, evaluation and revision of effectiveness, elaboration of annual reports to be presented to the National Chamber of Politics of National Integration and Regional Development and the elaboration of the Internal regulation of the plan. Participation of the Managing Committee 05 representatives of the Federal Government, 05 Representatives of the State Government, 05 representatives of the Municipal City halls, 01 representative of employers of the urban sector, 01 representative of employers of the agricultural sector, 01 representative of the sector fishing boat, 01 representative of the company Norte Energia s.a., 04 representatives of the syndical entities of the urban, agricultural workers and of the fishing, 04 representatives of the too much segments of the civil society understanding the social movements and ambient organizations in the area of abrangncia of the plan, 02 representatives of the aboriginal communities proceeding from communities in the area of direct influence of the enterprise of Beautiful Mount, 01 representative of education institution and operating research in the abrangncia area. The participation in the Managing Committee in accordance with the Decree does not try any remuneration, being considered as rendering of services of excellent public interest. However, much even so the Plan institutionalizes a managing committee and guarantees the participation of the civil society as a whole in its initial process of quarrel until the implementation of the actions of the plan, the same does not guarantee a formation process that it guarantees to this population conditions of pautar the internalizao of investments for the region, the democratization and ambient management and the consequent minimizao of socioambientais impacts in the region..

Capacity Proclamation

Friday, 1. August 2014

It also occurs of it not to be certain if the company has conditions to honor its compromisso.b) If the item was bought for the house of it, it would buy in its store? c) If the situation occurs in the end of the year, is necessary to have more persistence to spend the money therefore the registrations in remaining portions to pay impactam the limit of payments (LP) of the fiscal year seguinte.d) Can occur that the agency does not have received enough budgetary resources for the conclusion from the activities foreseen for the current year. then, the sales that if found ‘ ‘ certa’ ‘ it was not materialize. Here I make a memory, that me seems half obvious, but that it needs to be said: in processes of registers of prices it does not have the obligatoriness of the accomplishment of the acquisition. Today, I have perceived that Administration is much more easy it to make a proclamation of register of prices instead of making a common proclamation. If the price will not be good, the item is not bought, amongst some other comments. Of this everything elapses the importance of the commercial visit. To know who is ‘ ‘ of the other side of balco’ ‘ it is a relief for the Administration.

To know the person, to have its commercial contacts effectively established, to know who they are the other customers of the supplier are things that stimulate the confidence in the supply. Then, the tip goes there: if its company to win a proclamation of register of prices, make a commercial visit to the public agency. It knows the involved people in the process: the person in charge of the solicitant sector of the material, the person in charge of the warehouse, financial manager e, if possible, the collator of expenditures. He has taken a penxs or a block of notations with logotipo of its company (these item always are necessary lack in the table of the Administrator), offers and them as toast. In case that its company is far from the place, if she is valid some commercial representative in the area.

Summarizing: it sees what it is happening in the agency, which its difficulties and necessities. What it matters for the Administrator is that its company is known e, in the end, recognized for the promptness in the fulfilment of the firmed Act. more: if it does not forget the final o of the validity of the Act, to request Certified of Capacity the Technique, that could very be important in the future. Good businesses.