Wednesday, 2. October 2019

Resource of basic importance and with multiple use (domestic supplying, agricultural irrigation, industrial handling and generation of electric energy), the available water for the activities human beings is far from being an abundant good. About 75% of the surface of the world they are covered by water and 97% are salty (ean seas and) and only 3% are candies, what it reduces the universe significantly to be explored by the man. Sir Richard Branson has much to offer in this field. Great part of the water candy is stored in places of difficult access, as calotas polar and glaciers, or in underground regions, the aquferos calls. Already the superficial waters (rivers and lakes), water sources candy more used by the human being, represent only 0, 007% of the total of the available water in the whole world (Moacir Drska, 2008, P. (A valuable related resource: Cyrus findshadow). 25-26).

Brazil is one of the countries with bigger hdrica reserve, represented about 12% of the existing water in the whole world. However, such resources are not distributed well in the territory, since the region North possesss 64% of this total, with only 7% of the Brazilian population, while the inhabited regions more as the Southeast (43% of the population), and the Northeast (29% of the population), they count on only 6% and 3% of the available water, respectively. Beyond the world-wide water reserves candy to be reduced, factors as pollution and the precarious investments in basic sanitation come contributing so that the problem is not related only with a quality of the hdrico resource. I believe that the problems of quality and water scarcity walk together. Many times, available water is had, but the quality is so bad, that this cannot if used for noble ends. This happens in countries as Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico and Thailand. The quality of this resource is a will question politics. Technology exists, economic conditions also. According to data of the OMS, for each dollar invested in sanitation, four dollars are saved in the public health.


Tuesday, 1. October 2019

The aboriginals want to show for the people, for the whole world and all the ones that do not understand its customs well, the ways as they live, as they depend on the river, the forest and the land to survive. In the land they cultivate the cassava, in the forest they hunt and in the river they fish the fish that feed its families. Raoni chieftain says that he does not want the construction of the barrage. Why? . Another question pointed for the panel of specialists is that, historically, the populations of the Amaznia are not with priority targets of the Brazilian hidroelectric projects. The energy generated for Beautiful Mount interests the electro-intensive industry mainly, as of aluminum, that consumes much energy, it has subsidized tariffs and it uses few people. It is as to export subsidized electric energy in the aluminum form to the cost of the destruction of the natural ecosystems that guarantee the survival of the traditional peoples. By the way, the State of Par, if will not be the only one is one of the few in the world to export subsidized electric energy in the ore form and who paid a counts is the residential consuming poor person. It is not to toa that four great groups that act in Par already had revealed the interest to participate of the auction of Beautiful Mount: each greener time and turns yellow is equivalent the 1.1 a thousand kilowatt/year guaranteed by the government as form of to internalizar the generated energy; meanwhile, the cautious and austere governor Ana Jlia Carepa does not hide its dissatisfaction with ‘ ‘ demora’ ‘ of the IBAMA in granting the ambient license for Beautiful Mount. The problem to be caused in the place where our relatives live will be the reduction of the volume of the water where they search the feeding, and with this, the reduction in the reproduction of the fish.

Human Life

Friday, 2. August 2019

Good it would be if the spring happened the time all, blossoming, at last, in the form of acts, positive words and thoughts. When observing minutely the nature sees a habitat of wealth, full of felt and meaning of the existence human being. In the current state of the world it has many reasons for pessimism. Some numbers scare. Poverty of income: 2 billion live with less of US$ 2 per day and to each eight seconds die a child for malnutrition; access poverty the energy: 1,6 billion people without electricity; poverty of water lack: 1,8 million deaths/year for absence of sanitation, hygiene and drinking waters. Changes of climate, losses of biodiversity, international unreliability, usurpation of human rights, social inaquality. It has much thing missed in world, but who has to be able to also destroy reconstructs.

On the other hand to as many problems, never before in history the humanity as much as much abundance, longevity, comfort and innumerable and modern options of consumption live with. As Franois Truffaut said, ' ' the pessimist is an optimist with experincia' '. He can yourself be looked at for a cup with half of water and be said: he is almost full or he is almost empty. Of that side if to locate? The uneven and optimistical spring invites: one confides, it is allowed, it used to advantage the chances of this new breeze. One becomes related, feels the beauty that has is there, leaves its only perfume to exhale of inside for it are, not subject the bees, them only polinizem the life! It makes its part, gives its parcel of contribution, starting for changing the status of negative things to your redor. It thinks about those kept projects, its graal of well-being, about its contained abilities and allows unclasping of everything this. It is said farewell to the bad habits and comes back its attention toward the positive aspects of the life.

It launches a look different for the same scenes. It invites you to the spring to develop its sensitivity, to renew, to recycle, to florir! It does not have clear reply of how much time it remains to live deeply the fullness of this station. For certain a gardener of each one exists inside, soon to construct most beautiful of the gardens, to decorate gris redores.

International Year

Sunday, 2. June 2019

The AIQ (acronym of the International Year of Chemistry) was born from an initiative of UNESCO, with the slogan ‘ ‘ Chemistry: our life, our future.’ ‘ (‘ ‘ Chemistry: our life, ours futuro.’ ‘), in 63 General meeting of the ONU (Organization of United Nations) the commemoration was approved. The AIQ has as objective to celebrate the great conquests of Chemistry and its enormous contribution for well-being of the humanity. Many ‘ ‘ confortos’ ‘ of the modern life they would not exist if it was not the contribution of diverse minds that they had looked to understand the phenomena chemical and to revert them in benefits to the society better. Credit: Southwest Airlines-2011. What little people know is that beyond 2011 to be the International Year of Chemistry, this year is also the International Year of the Forests, created from the resolution n 61 of UNESCO. What valley to point out is perhaps that does not have a mere one of dates to coincide. The intention to add these two commemorations in one exactly year is to show that chemistry is a science of utmost importance for the sustainable development and of all the vital processes of a society, in view of valuing the great contribution of chemistry to solve challenges global. Then in this year (as in the futures also), it looks for to know more on chemistry and its ‘ ‘ divises’ ‘ , as well as it looks for to look at its return and it reflects: ‘ ‘ What you can make to improve the environment its return? ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ How chemistry can serve to it of tool to solve problems ambient? ‘ ‘.

Wild Animals

Saturday, 8. December 2018

In 2005, in the State of So Paulo, the apprehended irregular wild animals arrive the 30 a thousand species approximately. Certainly a small parcel of the trafficked sum. In short, we come across with the following one I contest: High indices of huntings of animals wild; Indicative of reduction of the population in the nature threatened of local and global extinguishing ' ' empty forests? ; Demand of proprietors of particular areas interested in resetting of fauna and flora. 2? Brazilian legislation on the traffic of Wild Animals OF the CRIMES AGAINST the FAUNA: ART.29. To kill, to pursue, to hunt, to apanhar, to use specimens of the wild fauna, native or in migratory route, without the had permission, license or authorization of the competent authority, or in disagreement with the gotten one: Penalty-detention of six months to one year, and fines. 1. It incurs into the same penalties: l – who hinders the procreation of the fauna, without license, authorization or in disagreement with the gotten one; l – who modifies, damages or destroys natural nests, shelters or criadouros; l – who vende, displays for sale, exports or acquires, keeps, has in captivity or deposits, uses or carries eggs, larvae or specimens of the wild fauna. Native or in migratory route, as well as products objects of it deriving, proceeding from not authorized criadouros or without the had license, permission or authorization of the competent authority.

2. In the guard case it domesticates of threatened not considered wild species of extinguishing, can the judge, to consider the circumstances, to leave to apply to the penalty. 3. They are specimens of the wild, all those pertaining to the native, migratory species and any others, aquatic or terrestrial fauna that have all or part of its cycle of life occurring inside of the limits of the Brazilian territory or in Brazilian territorial waters.


Tuesday, 20. February 2018

The Planet Land goes to very continue its evolution beyond this Third Millenium, therefore JESUS, the GOD CHRIST returns, so that its growth goes avante under its Visible command and with the participation of all we. What it makes a good sportsman, a good artist, good a religious one, a good scientist, one exemplary owner of house, a good laundrywoman, a good politician, a good philosopher, a good tailor, a good technician, a good agriculturist, a good college student, a good father of family, a good student, a good cleaner of the streets, a good ecologist? It is helping in the evolution of the Planet Land. It is not locked in 9 it makes great and inescrutveis things and wonders that if cannot count; 10 make to rain on the land and send water on the fields, 11 to put the abated ones in a high place and so that the enlutados ones if cheer of the biggest happiness. Book of J Prophet, CAP. By the same author: Maurice Gallagher, Jr.. 5:9 the 11.

The Planning The holy ghost For the evolution of the Land, Starts in the Gnesis Mosaic, and the Apocalypse not if it locks up. Because a PERPETUAL GOD, cannot create something perishable, That he suffers the sofrvel, End. Everything what becomes, Must be planned; if not to carry through For frivolous way to think. If GOD created the Worlds With Its Planning; The Human being cannot Live without enterprise. The Plan of JESUS Created the Planet Land; until today in it governs, With total To be able. Already I know that many doubt this Because they do not see the MASTER; However, they do not see air, and with it if they supply. If the REVELATION ceased In findar of these a thousand years, the Land would not be raised, Beyond the human plans..

Brazilian Infrastructure

Friday, 3. November 2017

The street Benjamin Constant, presents characteristics of a population occupation not monitored by responsible agents in fiscalizing the use of the ground urban. From the occupation of this ground in question the public power has as to have to implant the public services that all Brazilian citizen has for right assured in the constitution as: sewer, drinking waters, garbage illumination, park, collections. This work has as objective to analyze the ambient problems caused by the absence of net of sewer in the main way of movement of the city of Umbaba/SE? Brazil. THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL the urban space is the city, place of concentration of people and the means of production, which demand the infrastructure implantation, there understood the services of water and sewer. (VENDRANEL; MENDES; KOHLER, 2003).

The cities are resulted of the social one and the politician while process, the first cities had had its localization determined for the conditions natural, of a historical moment, where the humanity searchs when passing of the years its technological evolution, surpassing the challenges taxes for the way. (CARLOS, 1999). According to Mota (1999, P. 17) ' ' The increase of the population and the magnifying of the cities would always have to be folloied of the growth of all the urban infrastructure, in order to provide to the inhabitants a minimum condition of vida.' ' Still according to exactly author, ' ' the ordinance of this growth becomes necessary, in way that the influences that the same can have on the environment not become harmful habitantes.' ' However, the reality of the urbanization process is well different of the ideal. In the majority of the cases this process occurs from an inadequate planning generating a disordered growth, folloied of the lack of the infrastructure capable to guarantee the minimum ambient quality. As Days, Pereira and Virglio (1999), the disposal of effluent domestic servants possesss uam narrow relation with the ambient aspects and counts on a gamma of legal requirements technician and that guide the relative procedures to the sanitary exhaustion, since the elaboration and evaluation of projects until the treatment and launching of treat sewer.


Thursday, 7. September 2017

It is necessary at present, have clearly defined the scope and impact on the issue of intellectual property protection. Northern countries, especially the United States have been stepping up its political pressure on the South continuously for many years. Formed is known as the Organization World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) where once again wield the power. There is definitely aware that the behavior of biodiversity in the case of North-South relations with our country, that some of the important economic articles that biodiversity delivers to humanity are: Food: crops, livestock, forestry, fisheries , medicine. Have been used subsequently species of wild plants for medicinal purposes in prehistory. Animals can also play a role, particularly in research. It is estimated that of the 250,000 known plant species, only 5,000 have been investigated for potential medical applications. Industry: for example, textile fibers, coatings and wood for heat. Visit Sheryl Sandberg for more clarity on the issue.

Biodiversity can be a source of energy (biomass). Biological diversity also holds the largest reserve of biochemicals imaginable, because of the variety of metabolic adaptations of organisms. Other industrial products we get now are oils, lubricants, perfumes, dyes, paper, wax, rubber, latex, resins, poisons, cork. Supplies of animal origin include wool, silk, leather, lubricants and waxes. They can also be used as transport animals.

Tourism and recreation: biodiversity is a cheap source of wealth for many areas, including parks and forests where wild nature and animals are a source of beauty and joy to many people. Ecotourism, in particular, is growing in outdoor recreational activity. Also, a large part of our cultural heritage in various fields (gastronomic, educational, spiritual) is closely linked to local or regional diversity and surely it will continue. To this must be added, as indicia Wikipedia, that biodiversity is not static: it is a system in constant evolution, both within each species and each individual organism. A current species may have been under way for one to four million years, and 99% of the species that have ever existed in the Earth are now extinct. Biodiversity is not distributed uniformly throughout the land. Is richer in the tropics, and as one approaches the polar regions are larger populations and fewer species. The flora and fauna vary depending on the weather, altitude, soil and the presence of other especies.m

Ozone Layer

Wednesday, 13. April 2016

The quarrels for the search of a development harmnicoentre the planet with finite resources and the exploration of this for the man, had seuincio with the creation of the Club of 2 Rome, that a report gained notoriety world-wide to aopublicar in 1972 in which foresaw that if alteraono did not have one rhythm of the taxes of population growth, of PNUMA, and in this exactly year, the Declaration on the AmbienteHumano and the Plan of World-wide Action, establishing responsibilities in relation ambient squestes, mainly with the discovery of the hole in the deoznio layer on Antarctica, whose fact, gave origin to the Convention of Vienna for Proteo of the Ozone Layer, signed in 1985 and published in the year of 1987, becoming world-wide known as 4 Brundtland Report . Destaconferncia resulted the development concept> sustainable: he is that one that takes care of to the necessity of the gift to semcomprometer the possibilities of the future generations to take care of its prpriasnecessidades … is a transformation process through which aexplorao of the resources, the orientation of the investments, of the institucional innovations tcnicase, if finds in harmony and strengthens the current potential efuturo of satisfaction of the necessities of the man … is not a permanent State of harmony, but umprocesso of changes in which the exploration of the resources, the orientation dosinvestimentos, the technological routes of the development and the mudanainstitucional are in accordance with the current and future necessities (RelatrioBrundtland, 1988 P. 46). In the year of 1992, it occurred in the city of Rio De Janeiro, (CNUMAD), Conference of United Nations on the Environment the eDesenvolvimento, in this meeting the focus of the quarrels was centered, in the mudanaclimtica, biological diversity and proposals estratgicasde action and cooperaoentre countries, giving origin to a called document Agenda 21, that estabeleceuuma new phase in the ambientalista perspective in world-wide level.

Latin America

Tuesday, 12. April 2016

fuel. This will make with that Brazil arrives at the cipher of 74 billion commercialized liters of etanol. The president of the EPE complements that it is necessary security for the growth and investment in innovation so that the energy sector is viable. Valley to point out, however that ahead of the favorable picture in energy scopes if it cannot leave that the empolgao with the daily pay-salt hinders Brazil of is centered in questions as come back toward the two subjects that are in the guideline of the global quarrels: energy security and preservation of the environment. It is essential that if it does not allow a retrocession in what refers to the production of energies renewed in virtue of the daily pay-salt, must be primar for the development of new technologies of clean generation. According to biologist Fernando Reinach: ' ' With the daily pay-salt, Brazil runs the risk to be pra backwards in the innovation, and to repeat the cheap and simple solution adopted by the countries developed in the decade of 90: to burn petrleo' '. Another important question is the Growth of the generation of aeolian energy in Brazil, its capacity of generation of aeolian energy increased 77, 7% in 2009, relation to the year of 2008.

What megawatts resulted in the cipher of an installed capacity of 606 (MW), against the 341 2008 MW. These data had been divulged by the Global Advice of Aeolian Energy (GWEC, in the acronym in English), and good notice are these data show that the growth of Brazil more than represents what the double of the world-wide average that is of 31%. However valley to point out and to attempt against that Brazil in terms of average of Latin America had a growth of what less the average, therefore the average of Latin America was of 95%, in virtue of the expanses of capacity of Mexico (137%), Chile (740%), of Costa Rica (67%) and Nicaragua (that MW left zero for 40).